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Integrated Progress Data

Actionable Progress Insights.

Your Jobsite data is sitting idle


Record. Monitor. Act

Record and make use of data from Drones, Cameras, Lasers, and More

ConstructN consumes data from multiple sources such as drones, 360 cameras, Laser scanners, and LiDAR to weave together a single version of the truth on the work progress captured at the job site.

  • Data Upload Data Upload and Storage
  • Data Integration Data Integration
Record. Monitor. Act
Monitor Construction Progress visually

Monitor Construction Progress visually

See the interior and exterior view of the job site on any device. Check project progress on a timeline, note the recent construction hotspots, and map the status of construction progress right on your BIM.

  • Visual Walkthrough
  • Construction Hotspots
  • Visual on Timeline
  • Progress on BIM
  • Recordkeeping and Claims Management

Act on the Progress Insights

Is the floor completed on time? What is the progress on the HVAC systems looking like? How many of my projects are delayed? Are we overshooting costs on some of the projects? Answering these questions has become possible with ConstructN. Take decisions on delays, organize resources smartly, and foresee future roadblocks.

Act on the Progress Insights

Planned vs Actual Analysis

Progress in Charts

Early issue detection

Progress Monitoring across all phases

Progress Monitoring across all phases of your construction project

From land surveys to construction completion, monitor your construction projects from start to end with just one solution. Across the entire timeline of the project, ConstructN delivers unmatched accuracy and detailing of the land and assets on the site.

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With a focus on security and compliance, ConstructN was developed to meet the most rigorous global standards, ensuring the utmost protection for the sensitive data of leading construction companies. Our data security and privacy procedures have undergone rigorous scrutiny,

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