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Your Progress Monitoring Challenges Solved with ConstructN


One solution for any visual data of your project site

Now your teams can use one solution – ConstructN, to upload and access any project data, whether drones, 360-cameras, laser scans, or LiDAR. You no longer need multiple solutions for one project


Turn your data into insights

Empower your project teams with ConstructN to leverage data-driven progress analytics and actionable insights. Teams now have access to detailed progress tracking, schedule analysis, quantities information, etc. Move from using a system of record to a system of intelligence.


Comprehensive progress tracking for all phases of your construction projects

Give your project teams a simpler, automated way to monitor projects across the entire construction timeline from land survey to construction to completion. Reduce your project teams’ tech overload by providing them with one powerful solution for all their project monitoring needs.

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How it Works

01 Data Captured

Our solution offers a powerful option to integrate data from multiple capture devices such as drones for exterior capture, and 360-degree cameras for interior capture. Integrated data has a two-pronged advantage – it allows for the analysis of a complete dataset and helps find insights that would not otherwise be deducible with captured data from one device.



360 degree cameras

360 – Degree Cameras





02 Data Mapped

All types of visualization support come with ConstructN – take a virtual walk across your job site, or save the photo documentation for recordkeeping and claims management, or map the progress to the BIM. The progress of the work is on even the smallest of units such as the doors and the windows.

Automated Photo Documentation

Automated Photo Documentation

Visual Walkthrough

Visual Walkthrough

Element-level progress mappin

Element-level progress mapping

Mapping to BIM

Mapping to BIM

03 Progress View and Analytics

With the data captured and mapped, the AI-powered engine consumes all the details and prepares progress insights. From identifying delays to distributing resources wisely, every piece of useful information is available at your fingertips. You also get access to recent construction activity, progress view across different dates of the project, and more.

Timeline Comparison of Construction Progress

Timeline Comparison of Construction Progress

Highlighted Progress Hotspots

Highlighted Progress Hotspots

Progress Comparison on BIM

Progress Comparison on BIM

What have our CLIENTS EXPERIENCED with us


20% improvement in productivity using progress analytics


4X more data utilized than the industry average to arrive at the progress analysis


100% visibility at all levels of the project management – from individual elements to a cluster of projects


3X more coverage when compared to other reality solutions across the construction project lifecycle– from land preparation to project closure.

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